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Do You Wear Flip Flops To Work?

First, the results of our informal poll from earlier this week: There's a HUGE amount of interest in learning from us, behind the scenes, about how we run our business, and how you can run a business like ours, too. Cool. So we're going to put something together. You'll really like what we've cooked up…so stay tuned. But first, some dirty details and secrets that most people don't know about us… Your responses caused us to spend a lot of time this week thinking about the results, and the fact that sooo many people want to peak behind the curtain and see how we do what we do here. In a way it's surprising, maybe even a little flattering. But who cares about that? But it should have been obvious. With all that's happening in the marketplace right now, people losing jobs and retirement accounts and home equity, all the bad news…it shouldn't be surprising that people are seriously considering a "different way" of doing things. For the past several years we've been so wrapped up in helping people do better in their current business that we never stopped to consider that….maybe people don't like their current business or job. Maybe they want to do something completely different. Maybe you want to follow or find your passion. And this year, maybe that desire is higher than ever. So we took a close look at our own business and lives…and, well, we were pleased and a little startled. There's something about us that you probably don't know………. You've seen our fancy web site, maybe seen us speak at some event, maybe you've read our book or seen an article in a newspaper or magazine. Undoubtedly, when you saw our pictures, or us, we were wearing suits. But that's not the whole story. In fact, on a normal day at the office, we wear, almost exclusively, FLIP FLOPS. It's really become part of our lifestyle. No bending over to put on socks. No matching shoes to the outfit. No tired feet at the end of the day. Nope. It's all flip flops around here. And why shouldn't it be? We rarely go anywhere. We rarely meet anyone. We rarely have to be presentable. So, why not be bums and wear shorts and flip flops? Well, that's exactly what we've done for the last 5 years. Never really thought about it like this…but isn't it unique that we make an executive's pay but we work in flip flops? We know…flop flops aren't for everyone, and that's certainly not the biggest benefit of our jobs. But it's representative….. The flip flops are a metaphor for the fact that we answer to nobody, don't have to be anywhere at a certain time, don't do anything we don't want do, go wherever, whenever, do whatever, whenever, and we deal with NONE of the traditional BS that bogs most business people down or stresses them out. We should mention, neither of us wear watches and we both got rid of our alarm clocks. Rarely carry a cell phone either. Crazy, we know, but later we'll tell you how we make it work. Sounds like we're beach bums. Except……we have nice houses, in desirable neighborhoods, drive nice cars…and most importantly, our lovely wives get to be full time moms to our precious little daughters (that’s what we wanted and what they wanted…more on that another time). So, it's like the best of both worlds. Vagabonds who get paychecks! LOL Being straight up. We do work. Most days we work from 9:30 to 6:30, off on weekends. And when we're at work we are fiercely focused. We're not saying we can show you how to make a million bucks working part time in your underwear. But when you compare what we do to working in the day-to-day grind…well, let's just say that it's a lot closer to what most people think of as desirable. But here's the best and biggest part of this whole message: what we do may be rare, but it is not off-limits. Anyone can do this. Anyone can copy our model. You just have to choose to go "off road" and be done with all the crap they fed you in high school, and college and at the chamber of commerce. Color outside the lines. Write your own rule book. Live life by your own design, not by someone else's definition, or by default. Our big idea here is this…. The Flip Flop Revolution What do you think? It's not for everyone. But is it for you? Would you like to trade in your dress shoes or high heels for a pair of flip flops? Flip flop out of the ordinary work-a-day lifestyle and into a new kind of business and life that is more enjoyable? If so, pay close attention over the next several days as we reveal more and more about what we do and how we do it and how you can copy… That's all for now. We'll talk to you again tomorrow. We'll be here in our flip flops! Jim & Travis P.S. Have comments about this? Wanna tell us what you were to work? Go to our blog and leave a comment there. We'd really love to hear from you. P.P.S. Get on the priority list to get first updates on the Flip Flop Revolution. Click here: