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How To Use Your Uniqueness To Your Advantage

by Travis Miller

Idol season is in full swing with this week being the beginning of the big competition between the final 12. There's a lot of hype surrounding the final 12 suggesting that this year the talent is the best ever. I think that's debatable.

But what's not debatable is the fact that top-12-member Amanda Overmyer is positively outrageous. She knows it and so does everyone else.

Let me go on record to say that I'm not really a fan of hers. But I really admire what she has done so far and I think there's a lesson here for business owners.

If you haven't been watching the show, try and find a clip of her performing online. Notice how outrageous she is. Her dress, style, personal appearance, vocals, dancing. Nothing about her is normal.

She's the perfect example of polarity. You either love her or hate her...and I dare say this is not an accident. In fact, I suspect this is the only reason she's still around. If she plays it safe even one week, I think she'll be off the show. But as long as she rides the fringe, she's going to electrify a large group (while repelling many others).

Her willingness to be unique and take risks is her strength. Not singing, dancing, or anything else like that. Just her relentless pursuit the edge, that's it.

This may be too much for many business owners to swallow. And not everyone can follow in Amanda's footsteps. But for the rare personality type who can and does, watch out. You will be unstoppable.