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Scend Success 3 Step Marketing Process

When we sit down with a new client to talk strategy I hear the same two things over and over again. One is a statement and the other is a question.

First the statement…

We little to no money to market ourselves

Second the question…

How do I get my name out there on that small of a budget?

A Small Business With Too Many Customers

Each week, we meet with and speak to dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners who share their frustrations with us about getting new business -- and recount their struggles to pay the bills, the employees, and themselves at the end of each week.

The common tale is that they seem to be doing everything correctly. They just don't know why it's not working the way they expected; they just don't know why it's so difficult to get more customers.

How A Magazine Subscription Could Cost You Your Business

It seems that these glitzy ad folks have created this world, high above the rest of us, in the clouds, where getting new customers doesn't matter. Looks are more important than leads.

What Happens When You’re Away From The Shop?

Vendors, colleagues, competitors, and even you can be your worst enemies at the point of sale. Think about your own business - and the process the customers you've paid to get must go through to do business with you. Is it worth paying for? Would it be worth returning? Would it be worth talking about? And importantly, when your back is turned, is it the same as it is when you're looking?