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The “Mechanics” of Marketing

Ok…on my way to the mall tonight to pick up a new shirt for a big marketing meeting we have in Dallas tomorrow, I had the radio on in the car (I do this not for the music but to listen to the ads – I know I’m crazy – my wife loves me for this)

Marketing Lessons Learned On A Fishing Trip

It occurred to us today that marketing is not dissimliar to fishing. At first this seems a little odd, but let me explain.

How To Promote A Club In NYC

Promoting a nightclub is really no different than promoting any other business at the essential level. Both teams went about promoting the club in the exact same fashion. More interestingly, they went about it the exact same way most business owners go about promoting their businesses.

Good “Clean” Marketing Fun

I thought to myself, "Who would ever believe we would buy $15 in soap at one time, and come home feeling like we got a great deal?"

Niche Marketing For High End Personal Services

Specializing has some significant benefits - it allows you to narrow your target for an easy "reachability" factor, it allows you to develop an expert perception within the niche, you can afford greater frequency of message within the niche, you can specifically design packages to cater to the niche, and you'll ultimately find you have very little competition within a niche.