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Quick Bonus Ad Review

A slew of sponsored links (ads) came up on the right hand side. I love those sponsored links - especially when I want to buy something. When I'm in a buying mode, my eyes go straight to the right hand side of google - because I know that's where I can find DEALS, OFFERS, BARGAINS!!

Cool Cars and Bad Pizza

It's about developing appeals for targeted groups of people that extend beyond your base product or service. It's about getting out of the commodity game and getting into the desire game.

3 Overlooked Profit Opportunities on Your Site

If you're already selling anything online this article is going to show you how to add extra revenue you didn't even know you had "hiding" in your site without getting any more visitors. 

Those Darned Fish Again

The only indication of their existence was a faded sign where the main road turned onto the dirt road.

Turns out, the place is some kind of legend - and it was packed. She explained that if you didn't know exactly where you were going, you would never find it.

The Diary An Angry Ad-Man

Calmly, I asked for a copy of the new commercial.

At about second 6 my jaw dropped so far down that it hit the desk. My other orange half swiveled in his chair and started at me in disbelief.