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We Respond To Hooters

It is something we love because we kind of beat Madison Ave at their own game using this technique. It gives the “small-guy” a somewhat unfair advantage over their competition, because they can use the power of branding without spending the money it usually requires.

It’s Simple – Don’t Market, Go Out Of Business

When a small business goes under, it's not just a company that dies. It's a dream - potentially a lifetime of dreams. It's a flame that burns deep inside that is extinguished. It's the future of the families that are involved - for generations to come. It truly hurts me deep inside to see this happen.

How To Tell a Good Ad From a Bad One

We always talk about how image advertising is not what you should be focusing your efforts on and how image advertising is a big, fat waste of your money. If you copy what the big institutions do in their advertising you will be dumping tons of dough down the drain.

Tips on Testimonials

I read a lot of newsletters on direct mail. While reading this morning I ran across

Dale Carnegie on Fishing

I'm so serious about this that I would recommend not spending another dollar marketing or another minute at networking event until