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Creating Expert Perception By Giving Value First

by Travis Miller We’re currently in the process of forming a cross-border corporate entity with some very talented marketers in Canada. As you may or may not imagine, doing such a thing is accompanied with a number of hurdles and roadblocks and red tape. It’s not nearly as easy as forming a new LLC or Corporation here in Florida. Of course, I’m going to need some expert advice. I checked with my normal accountant and attorney, and neither had a lot of experience with such a transaction and both recommended I seek some additional advice from someone with appropriate experience. [...]

People Are Losing Their Minds!!!

by Travis Miller   Last night, with my eyes closed, almost asleep, I heard the most absurd story blurted out on the local news. It was as ridiculous as it could get…I thought, at least until they blurted out the next story, which was even more absurd. Story 1: 4th of July fireworks displays are being canceled all over Central Florida because attendance is expected to be too low. “Thanks to high gas prices, people are choosing to stay home this 4th of July and have their own fireworks displays.” But that’s good news for this little ratty fireworks stand. [...]

7 Things You Can Never Say In An Advertisement

By Jimmy Vee I’m sure you know by now that standup comedian George Carlin died on Sunday. It’s a sad day when intelligence and creativity leaves this world. Being a professional entertainer in my past life (improv comic, magician and ventriloquist), I’ve always admired and studied great standup comedians. And Carlin was one of the greats. In honor of Carlin I’ve create the “7 Things You Can Never Say In An Advertisement.” That is if you want it to be effective. Here it is. It’s not funny…but it’s real. One Stop Shop: People don’t buy everything all at once. At [...]

Is Whitey Your Baby Mama?

  by Jimmy Vee Recently, I saw two headlines that caught my attention on my wife’s Yahoo home page. Actually she saw one of them and read it out loud to me.  That’s powerful. Both headlines had to do with political candidates and both were interesting enough to get both my wife’s attention and mine before we read the story. Well, isn’t that what a headline is supposed to do? Yes… But most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t understand the power or importance of a powerful, attention-commanding headline. Think of a headline as an ad for your ad. It’s supposed [...]

A More Efficient Way To Get Publicity

How would you like to get free publicity for your business? Maybe promote your business on national television like I did recently on First Business? Publicity is a powerful tool that can help any business get an enormous boost in exposure and credibility. You can leverage the incredible power that comes from a single, solid media placement forever. It’s a major marketing asset for your business. Not to mention, publicity is normally free. That’s a very cool thing. Of course there are associated costs with getting the publicity (like sending press releases, mailing media kits, etc)…but those can be minimized [...]