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Success Riddle Answered

By Jimmy Vee Man, I just finished putting Autumn down to sleep. It’s such a wonderful feeling to spend quality time with my little girl. That’s what an Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous business is all about…spending time on the precious things in life. The things you can’t get back if you miss them. Granted, I don’t get nearly as much of that in as I’d like. But it’s far more than most business owners we consult and speak with spend on the things they really want to be doing. Well, I didn’t want the day to end without giving you the answer to the [...]

Can A Simple Riddle Hold The Key To Your Success?

By Jimmy Vee “I am your constant companion. I will push you forward to success or I will drag you down to failure. I am completely at your command. 80% of what you do, you might as well hand over to me and I will do it promptly and I will do it correctly. I am easily managed; you must merely be firm with me. Show me what you’d like to have done, and after a couple of lessons, I will do it automatically. I am the servant of all great people. Alas, I am the master of all failures [...]

How To Achieve Success Despite Imperfection

by Travis Miller So frequently we encounter business people waiting. Waiting to do, well, anything. Waiting to make that call, waiting to make that decision, waiting to write that letter, waiting to place that ad, waiting to create that new product. Sometimes they stop waiting for a little while and actually start the project. But then they start waiting all over again after just a few steps. Waiting is a bad strategy for pretty much everything. When you wait, nothing happens. When you wait, you get passed by. Usually, the excuse for waiting has something to do with "getting it [...]

Super Bowl Ads Suck Super Bad

Ok, it wouldn’t be right for a blog about marketing not to comment on the travesties which were the Super Bowl Ads that aired yesterday. I don’t follow sports, so I could care less about the game and I really don’t watch much television at all. And usually when I do watch I fast forward much of the show and watch the commercials. I know…I’m crazy. Honestly, I didn’t even watch many of the commercials live on the air. Only those I caught while someone else had the game on. But I did go back and watch them all on [...]

How to Build a List Online & Offline in 2008

By Jimmy Vee My new friend Tom from Ohio, sent me a question yesterday that I thought was very relevant and should be of interest to anyone reading this blog, so I am going to share it with you. Some may think that his question is an internet marketing question but it has application far beyond that. This question is a customer attraction question and the answer has application to any business niche, industry or product/service category. Here’s Tom’s question… “What’s the true trick in building a list? I am all ebooked out. People are almost afraid to subscribe to anything [...]