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How To (almost) Guarantee Repeat Business

by Travis Miller Last week was my 4th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we checked out a relatively new addition to the Central Florida dining scene, Oceanaire Seafood Room. Believe it or not, excellent seafood is not easy to find here in Orlando. There’s really only one place, Roy’s, which brings us back again and again for seafood. Well, now there’s another. Lest you think this restaurant makes it to my ‘A’ list because it served high quality seafood, perfectly prepared, let me explain otherwise. While it’s true that the food was as good as it gets, that’s not the reason [...]

How Not To Make A Profit

by Travis Miller Last weekend I did something I very rarely do… I went to to the video store. I know, I know…why go to a video store when there’s pay per view, netflix, etc, etc… Sometimes I like to go just to browse the wall and see what’s new. This time I went because a friend had recommended a TV series to watch back seasons of on DVD. And I knew that wasn’t on pay per view. The video store in my neighborhood has been the only video store I would step foot in for many years. You know [...]

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

By Jimmy Vee Two heads may be better than one. And two ads for the price of one is good too. But two bad ads in one…isn’t ever good. Check out the picture above. I got this postcard in the mail a couple months back. I found it so funny that I couldn’t throw it away. I added it to my “worst-of-the-worst” swipe file. I find this thing totally ridiculous. It’s a postcard with picture of a billboard on it. As if the bad postcard wasn’t enough, they had to put a picture of a billboard on it—which by the [...]

How To Sell High Ticket Items (Like Real Estate) To Many People At Once

by Travis Miller   Put ’em on a bus! Seriously. I saw a sign this weekend, and it really got my gears turning. Brilliant idea: Orlando ForeclosuresBus TourCall _______   That’s fantastic! They can haul a busload of potential buyers/investors around at once and show off these rare-find foreclosure homes. Yes! Sure beats showing homes 1 at a time to 1 buyer at a time. What can you do to emulate this idea in your business?

How To Use Your Uniqueness To Your Advantage

by Travis Miller   Idol season is in full swing with this week being the beginning of the big competition between the final 12. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the final 12 suggesting that this year the talent is the best ever. I think that’s debatable. But what’s not debatable is the fact that top-12-member Amanda Overmyer is positively outrageous. She knows it and so does everyone else. Let me go on record to say that I’m not really a fan of hers. But I really admire what she has done so far and I think there’s a lesson [...]