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Intelligent Pharmaceutical Advertising?

A few nights ago I was treated to an interesting experience: a good pharmaceutical advertisement. This one, on TV. It was for a smoking cessation product. I don’t smoke, never have, so I can’t relate with the target, so I may be a bit off base here. What I found to be most interesting was that they did no actually tout the product…the touted a “stop smoking guide” – essentially, a free report. It was a well done spot, professionally shot, and looked fancy and highfalutin. But rather than say the name of the drug (I have no idea what [...]

The Lights Are Always On

by Travis Miller Recently I was at the doctor having a busted finger examined. How did I bust my finger, you wonder? I was foolishly riding a mechanical bull in New Orleans several months ago. Then, kapowee! I got tossed off – and no, I did not stay on for 8 seconds. I ended up breaking my finger longways and now have limited movement. Sucks. So, I’m in the x-ray room, and the lady goes into the back to shoot the machine off, and she starts chit-chatting with another lady in the back. I can hear the entire conversation. “Ohh…I’m sooooo [...]

It Tastes Like What???

By Jimmy Vee Every night, Christy and I put Autumn to bed at around 8pm. We give her a bath, bring her into her room, put her radio on the Delilah station (which is often times nauseating) and tuck her in. On several occasions during this time I heard commercials for Buckley’s Cough Medicine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t heard the spots. Why? Because you would remember them. I remember the first time I heard one. I was only half listening as I was in the middle of playing with Autumn, but it stopped [...]

Does Marketing Work?

by Travis Miller I’m a bit late on this post – but it’s still very relevant. As I understand it, John McCain did very little campaigning or advertising in Iowa and had a very poor showing in the primary as a result. In subsequent primaries, in states where he has advertised and campaigned much more heavily, he has performed pretty well. So, you tell me…does marketing work?


Are you wondering what B(AD) means? Well, let me tell you. It’s me being clever and creating one word out of two. It’s a combination of the words BAD and AD. Nifty huh? Like Bad Ad. If you’re thinking right now that it seems kind of stupid and a bit self-indulgent, you’d be correct. And if it took you a few seconds to figure out, you’re not alone. These days, this seems to be an example of popular advertising. Like the billboard I saw today promoting my undergrad alma mater, University of Central Florida. I didn’t have a camera with me, so [...]