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Driver Obedience

by Travis Miller OK, this seems obvious to me, but I’m going to point it out anyway. I live on a street down which people incessantly speed. It’s 25 mph, but it’s no rare sight to see someone going 45-50 right in front of my house. Drives me nuts. Why does it happen here? I think because my street only has houses on one side of the road, so it feels wider than other streets. Normally I’m not a big fan of speed limits, but this is out of control. Anyway — I frequently see the same vehicle drive past again [...]

Go Elf Yourself

By Jimmy Vee One of the ways to increase your Gravitational Potential and attract the kind of high quality customers who pay more, stay longer and refer everyone they know is to Be Sensational. In our book, we talk about how you can Be Sensational and one of the ways that always gives entrepreneurs, business owners and sales people the most trouble is the seventh “Be,” which is Be Spread-able. When your prospects have a thousand other options, being Sensational is the reason they choose you. It’s the reason they Gravitate to you. You have to have a Sensational marketing [...]

The Grinch Who Tried To Steal My Daughter’s Christmas

by Travis Miller I’ll keep this short. We went to the mall to get Ella’s picture taken with Santa. Santa was on break (how nice). So, Jennie let Ella meander around the little area looking at the presents under the tree, ornaments on the tree, fake snow, etc. Basically, being a (less than) 2 year old. Jerk who works there comes over and tells them to scram, that they can’t be in that area. Jennie and Ella leave and tell him where he can park his candy cane. What gives? What the hell is that display for if it’s not for little [...]

Downsold! The Art of Giving Away Money

by Travis Miller This weekend I had the pleasure of being “downsold” twice in one day. Let me explain. First, I went into Franklin-Covey to get some new planning material for 2008. The bill was $130. The guy and the girl proceed to explain to me that if I buy some extra item I would get a discount. Intelligently, on Franklin’s part, this promotion was a bundle promotion to encourage you to buy multiple, specific items and receive a discount. But I didn’t need the extra items. The bundle wasn’t really an appropriate option for me. It just so happened [...]

Reasons To Give Thanks

There are plenty of reasons to give thanks. Hopefully you know what they are for you. Today we give thanks for you…readers, thinkers, action takers and friends. Our goal is to help make your life ESP – Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. Start today and enjoy your family and give thanks for all the love and support they provide. If you don’t have family to embrace, know that we embrace you and are thankful for the relationship we have created with you. Here is something I read recently and thought it was worth sharing on a day like this. Hope your [...]