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The Simple Difference Between Good Business and Bad Business

by Travis Miller Like millions, my wife and I have had some after-Christmas returns to deal with around here. Most went off without a hitch. But there are 2 specific instances (one really good and one really bad) that I want to share with you. I think they’re important because they represent simple things some businesses do to win and/or lose customers. *WARNING: You’ll want to read this because there’s a new policy at a major retailer (think bullseye) that has been designed to screw consumers and is very deceptive. I like to talk about point of sale experiences like [...]

Is This Going To Be YOUR Year?

By Jimmy Vee With the New Year comes refreshed minds, hearts and vigor. We get a cleansing of our past “sins” and we get a clean, fresh start to make it a great and successful year. So is this year going to be YOUR year? I’ll tell you this. If you’re buying into all the traditional media hype that this year is going to be a bad year for the economy and letting all the negativity in the news seep into your mental consciousness then you will poison your success from the start. So, my success focused friends, the first [...]

Content: The New Advertising?

by Travis Miller There’s a lot of talk these days about new media (like blogs, podcasts, social networking, etc) changing the way advertising works. . Essentially, the idea is that content actually makes the most effective advertising, especially online. What I find interesting is that this is supposedly a new idea. Now, make no mistake, I agree 100% that content makes the most effective advertising and marketing (think white papers, special reports, articles, advertorials, videos, etc). However, I don’t think this is new. In fact, this concept has been around and in practice for 100 or more years. Good, effective marketing [...]

We Still Celebrate Christmas ‘Round Here…

By Jimmy Vee I’ve been out of the office for about a week now, spending holiday time with my family. Travis is out on the road visiting his family and all this time away from the day-to-day has given me the ability to reflect on the past year, my accomplishments, my failures (there are many) and new opportunities. I’ve been finalizing my goals for 2008, which I’ve been talking a lot about. Why? Because it’s the most important thing I will do all year. I reviewed my last year’s goals and evaluated my success and progress. Over all, I give [...]

A Quick Call To The North Pole…

By Jimmy Vee Well, it’s official. Technology has taken over the world. As many of you know, Travis and I love technology and have tech geek blood that makes us be able to understand HTML code, graphic design programs, Java, PhP and other non-sense we shouldn’t know anything about. But the one thing we don’t like is having our time taken away from us, so we don’t buy into the whole “always be connected” concept. We don’t carry cell phones, iphones, PDAs or anything like that—although we have tried them all (inner tech geek lashing out) and we hated them. [...]